Dallas is doing very well at the jail.

We have been invited to participate in Dog Day at the Park. It will be at Legion Park on June 20 from 1-3. There will be lots of activities for people and their canines that day. It is being sponsored by the Owensboro Parks and Recreation Dept.

New dog this weekend. Her name is Polly. She is a daschund/beagle mix. She is black and brown and sweet all over. We got Polly from the Daviess County Animal Shelter b/c we thought she was pregnant and the shelter is no place for brand new babies. But Polly was not pregnant and was spayed yesterday. She is available for adoption.

Check out pictures of some of our adoptable animals at the Wal-mart on Frederica and the Wal-Mart on Hwy 54 in the pets dept. Thanks to Kenny and Debra of Dream Copy Photo (that’s DreamCopyPhoto.com) for the pictures. We know our pets are beautiful, but Kenny and Debra have made them look like supermodels!

I talked to Joy’s new family yesterday by e-mail. Would you believe they said Joy is a handful? However, they also said they love her and she is doing great at housebreaking. Knowing Joy, I figure she is breaking everything in the house! More updates later.

The fundraiser at Books-A-Million is called “Books and Barks”. Come out and make a purchase and support your local no-kill rescue.