I want everyone to meet Tiny Tim. He is a 3 month old kitten that was hit by a car saturday. A good samaritan brought him in to Towne Square Animal Hospital. SparKy has agreed to take over his veterinary care. Unfortunately, he is not doing well. When he came into the clinic is his biggest problem was that he was partially paralyzed in his back end (thus the name). Now he is having trouble regulating his own body temp and is severely dehydrated and has required IV fluids and antibiotics. On top of all of that, he has been diagnosed with hookworms, roundworms, and lungworms! Through it all, Tiny Tim has purred constantly. I share this with you because sweet, innocent Tiny Tim has touched a soft spot in my heart. Him and his IV pump came home with me this evening so he could receive around-the-clock care. If you are interested in donating any amount to help offset his veterinary costs, we would greatly appreciate it. Simply go to http//:www.sparkyrescue.com and click on donate on the right side of the page.

Please keep him in your thoughts and share his story if you can, if he pulls through this he will need a loving family to call his forever home.

Tiny Tim