SparKy Spotlight is a new feature for our blog.  We are a 100% Foster rescue and want to share some information about our animals from the foster parents that live with them daily.  We thought it was fitting for our first SparKy Spotlight to be on Spot!

Spot is such a great boy.  Having two female dogs of our own, we like to refer to him as Spotman.  He is a medium male beagle pointer mix and is very intelligent.  He is less than a year old and still very much a puppy and ready to play.  Standing about 15 inches tall to his back, he is a great size for any household.  Spot is an enthusiastic companion that loves nothing more than to be with his family.  He loves children and other dogs (we don’t know about cats).  He is crate and house trained.  Spots favorite pasttimes are chasing his bouncy ball and playing with his foster sisters.  But if you sit down, he is ready to nap in a lap.  Spot hasn’t met a stranger, so he may not be the best watch dog, but he would love to be part of the welcoming committee.  He rarely barks and if he does, its when he is outside helping out his foster sister who has no clue what she is barking at!  If you have any questions please feel free to email Spot at

Here are some updated images of the Spotman!