Meet Sid

If you are looking for a well-behaved sweet dog, keep scrolling. Sid is not the dog for you. As a matter of fact, Sid is bad and misbehaves all day every day. He gets into everything, chews anything he can get his mouth on and will not listen worth a darn. He does not know the meaning of the words stop or quit, despite how loudly one says it to him. He aggravates other dogs and harasses cats. One can expect to have jeans with bite marks in the ankles of them if Sid lives with you. He grabs your jeans and hangs on as you walk, everywhere. He has toys, lots of them. He plays with them sometimes but mostly he just seeks stuff he’s not supposed to get into. Any toy he has is quickly destuffed and he doesn’t even clean up after himself. He leaves the stuffing all over the floor and he’s not even sorry about it. Sid’s ears aren’t even symmetrical and one falls across his head like he has a combover. So to recap – want a good dog? Look elsewhere. Want a dog that aggravates, destroys, chases? Maybe Sid is the dog for you. Sid is super sweet. Nah, not even gonna say that. Sid is Sid. Apply if you want, but don’t say you weren’t warned. Sid is a 4 month old jrt mix. If you are interested in Sid, please go to and fill out our application.