Saturday evening, we had a message from the Ohio County Animal Shelter that three of our dogs were there.  They were siblings, all girls that were adopted together.  John went to get them on Sunday afternoon.  Two are with Kellie and Noel and one is with us.  The one with us is Mary Ann.  She looks like a blue heeler.  One with Noel is Helen and she has markings like a rottweiler.  The other one with Noel is Kim and she looks like a black lab, but smaller.  They are only about seven months old.  This has been extremely disheartening to us as John and I fostered their mom when she was pregnant with them.  They were born at our home and stayed there until they got adopted at about 8 weeks of age.  The litter was big, but their mother, Miller, wasn’t the greatest mom in the word and so these were the only three that survived.  However, they were Miller’s last litter as she got fixed and went to her new home.  Mary Ann is very timid and submissive and will need a lot of work before she will be an outgoing dog.  For now, she is very sweet and is learning to be kennel trained.
– Bridget