Meet Quinn

Quinn is an older terrier mix looking for a special person to take care of his special needs. We think he’s about eight years old, maybe a little older. When he came to us he had a tumor on his posterior that we thought was his biggest issue. The tumor has been removed, but we learned he has other needs as well. Bloodwork revealed he has elevated liver enzymes and he takes a daily supplement to help regulate them. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and needs to eat special, low-fat dog (which he thinks is extremely tasty) and he is not allowed normal dog treats. He does however love raw carrots and apples as special treat! Quinn’s other issue is his hearing. He is at least partially if not totally deaf. It doesn’t affect him much because he still loves to play with squeaky toys and chase a ball. He LOVES to go on walks and he’s great on a leash. Because he is an older gentleman, he occasionally has bladder issues, particularly when he’s sleeping- and being deaf he sleeps very soundly. In his foster home he wears a belly band at night and it has made a big difference. Quinn hasn’t had it easy and deserves a forever home that will love him and take care of his needs. Due to his deafness, he probably needs a home without small children who might startle him. If you are interested in Quinn, please go to and fill out an application.