Meet Miracle

Miracle received her name because when she came into rescue she was in rough shape. She came to SparKy with demodex mange and a ruptured right eye. Remarkably, the eye healed and did not need to be removed, though it will always be a little different than the left. It gets droopy when she gets tired and it is slightly discolored, but we believe she does have vision in it. The vet says the difference is purely cosmetic. Miracle has been working hard on her housetraining, though being a stubborn hound, she’s not 100% yet. This little girl is busy and is not one to sit on the couch and snuggle with you for long, unless she’s tired. She wants to play- a lot! Miracle loves toys- especially anything that squeaks or crinkles. She loves other dogs no matter how big or small. She is highly food motivated!If you are interested in Miracle, please go to and fill out our application.