Here is Midnight’s story…

“A stray cat has come across my porch and is staying there right now. His leg is broken and needs medical attention. I have been feeding him and I have a Yorkie and they get along so well. I am not a cat person but this cat is so friendly I can’t help it.”

Midnight Kitty has severe nerve damage and will need his leg amputated. We have no idea how the injury occurred but since he is with SparKy, we will be making sure he is well taken care of. Thanks to his great foster parent for committing to care for him through his healing process. If anyone can donate to help Midnight Kitty, it would be so appreciated. To make a donation, click on DONATE on the right side of our website, or you can drop it off at Towne Square Animal Hospital under SparKy. Every cent received will go directly to Midnights medical needs.