Meet Liam

Liam (Lee-Lee) is a cuddle buddy. He thinks he is part cat as he likes to lay on the back of the couch or lay on your head. He enjoys snuggling in the bed with you at night. He is very vocal when you come and go as he wants to tell you all about his thoughts on it. He does well in a kennel however if he can’t have anything in there other than a pee pad or he will potty in it. Liam loves his food: dry, canned, and small dog treats. He will try to steal a bite of people food if you aren’t careful.
Liam needs work on house training. He knows the concept but he will sneak off in the house to go if you don’t watch him closely. Liam has a luxating patella and will hold his leg up, but it doesnt slow him down. If you are interested in a Sparky pet, please go to and fill out an application.