Every day we have volunteers that call to check the messages of the SparKy line and to read all the emails we receive. And every day we hear stories of animals in need of our help. We get numerous requests from people from all over wanting us to take their pets because they don’t want them going to a kill shelter. While we understand each story, we want to let everyone know that without donations and fosters, we can do very little. We are emotionally involved with every animal we hear about and it hurts us to know that we simply cannot help at this time. Our foster system is stretched beyond capacity because of the extra lengths we go to in order to take in just one more animal. We exist on donations alone and get no government assistance. We are completely foster home based and have no facility to house a large group of animals. We would love to have a shelter and sanctuary with a paid staff to tend to the animals, but the funding is simply not available.

We need each of our fans to take a moment and tell someone about us. Share a story about us with them. Bring them to an adopt-a-thon and show them what we do. Our animals receive the best vet care and one on one socialization to prepare them for a new life with a forever family. We feel like the bigger the network of fans, friends and fosters we have, the more funding that will come in. We use donations not only for care and treatment of the animals, but for education of the public about the importance of spays and neuters. Adoption fees are set to just cover our cost to prepare an animal for adoption including spay or neuter, heart worm testing, flea and tick medicine, parvo, distemper and rabies vaccinations, etc. We do not make any money from adoptions. So if an animal needs additional treatment for an injury or virus, that cost comes out of our funds.

There are several ways to help us other than monetary donations. One way would be to click on the “Share” button on our Facebook post’s so that new people might come to know who we are and what we stand for. This would really help get the word out not only for the animals in the post, but for SparKy in general. We also need fosters, transporters, dog and cat food and supplies, adopt-a-thon helpers and much more. If you have time or a talent you think we could use, please call us at 270-684-4787 or email us at info@sparkyrescue.com for more info.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to those who give their money, time, talent or kind words to help us along our journey to find them all a home.