Tiny Tim has passed away.

Such sad news for a Thanksgiving Day.

It’s times like this that those of us involved in animal rescue feel the weight of the task before us. The job is never done. It’s never ending. Animal overpopulation is at an all time high. We wish there wasn’t a need for animal rescues to operate. We wish there weren’t any unwanted kittens like Tiny Tim. Please for the sake of all pets out there, spay or neuter.

The members of Sparky want to thank Towne Square Animal Hospital, Tiny Tim’s vets, and his loving care-giver, Lauren. Another big thanks to all who gave to help pay for Tiny Tim’s medical bills.
Tiny Tim touched many people and reminded us all to hope. Let’s take that hope and move forward with renewed energy and purpose.
Goodbye, Tiny Tim. We won’t let you down.

Tiny Tim