Meet Frankie – DRD Graduate

Frankie is a young lab mix, maybe about nine months. We were asked to take him by a nearby shelter as he had been hit by a car and their vet suggested euthanizing him. Frankie had a broken leg, torn ACL, and numerous bruises and lacerations on his body. Although his leg did not heal quite right, he gets around pretty good. He is still healing from his torn ACL. He loves other dogs and he loves to play. Mostly for us, he just rolls on his back for a belly rub.

Frankie is a Death Row Dog. A graduate of a prison training program at the Green River Correctional Complex, in Central City, KY. Each dog lives in a cell with two trainers. This is a 12-week intense training program that is designed for the dog’s unique behavior needs as well as basic obedience, house training, crate training and of course, tricks.