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Chloe’s Info…

I am not ready for adoption yet! I am being taken care of by my foster mommy and daddy right now. They say I need more medicine before I can be fixed. Stay tuned for updates!

Chloe’s Story…
Our first SparKy Superstar for 2016!

A local shelter contacted us about a Cocker Spaniel they had taken in as a stray. We took her into our rescue on Jan. 2nd and named her Chloe. She is not microchipped or fixed. She has had a recent hair cut but her medical needs have been neglected for a very long time. The nub of her docked tail is raw and has scabs, probably from being in unclean conditions or confined in a crate that was too small. Her eyes are slimy from mucus. Her teeth are nasty from neglect and infection. She is mostly blind and deaf. The vet guesses she is around 8. Her partial blindness is from Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or KCS. This is where untreated dry eye has caused destruction of the tear glands by the her immune system. The damage to her tear glands is irreversible. When left untreated like in Chloe’s case, the tear glands are completely destroyed and she has lost the ability to ever produce tears again. Dry eye is a painful condition, and can ultimately lead to permanent blindness. Her hearing loss is from chronic severe ear infections that inflame the facial nerve that runs from the brain near the ear canal. Chloe’s have been untreated for so long that both ears have become calcified and bone-like. When this occurs, often it is necessary to remove the entire ear canal called an ablation. This type of surgery cost $2,000 or more per ear.

We are just beginning this journey with Chloe. We are not sure what medicines or surgeries will be required for her in the long run. Currently, she is on oral antibiotics, 2 ear washes, 1 ear drop, 2 eye ointments and 1 eye drop. She will also need to be spayed, microchipped and have a dental. In just the first 24 hours she has quickly stolen our hearts with her sweetness and attitude. She is a fighter and a survivor. We know her life can be better and she trusts us to help her get there.

Here are some images from her intake. These are hard to look at, but she is a diamond in the rough!

***Superstar Update 1 ***
What a difference a week can make! This girl is so sweet and starting to play some and even smile at us! We are so amazed at her spirit and drive to just be loved. Her eyes are getting much less slimy and she is showing slight signs of vision and hearing! She is still on all the same medications as last week and we continue to see improvements. Please give and share and let this girl have the positive attention she deserves!

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Facts about Chloe

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Color: Party White/Black/Brown
Age: 8
Size: Small (Under 25 pounds)
Sex: Female