Dixie is a female senior chi mix who came into our group in September and was adopted on November 14th. On Saturday December 20th, Dixie started having mobility problems in her back legs and was taken to the vet. After an examination and estimate of possible surgery she was surrendered back to SparKy. This morning, December 23rd, a volunteer drove Dixie to Metropolitan Veterinary in Louisville to see a specialist. The specialist said that Dixie may have some feeling in her back feet and might possibly improve with time. They also said they would need to do further tests but that Dixie may be a good candidate for back surgery. The scan to confirm that surgery is required cost approximately $2,000 with the actual surgery costing an additional $2,000 to $4,000. This amount is simply more than SparKy can fund so we have created a Dixie fund to collect donations. Even if surgery isn’t an option, we will be looking into having her fitted for a wheelchair to regain her mobility. Dixie is currently staying with a SparKy foster and the paralysis in her hind legs means her bladder has to be manually drained. She will also require pee pads and diapers. We will keep everyone updated as we continue to care for this sweet sweet girl.

To donate to Dixies ongoing care click here: Donation to the Dixie Fund